Making food and serving it to customers – on the surface the restaurant business can look simple. But only an insider knows how my minute gears had to be smoothly spun to provide seamless services while smooth running of day to day operations and ensuring a long term success.

From stocking the inventory to ensure right employee schedules, ensuring quality food and satisfactory customer services while enduring market conditions – practical challenges are many in restaurant business. Yet all these problems are handled to the best of their ability by restaurant owners or chefs since they are experienced and are used to them in this line of work.

But the same cannot be said about Restaurant accounting which can be an extra-terrestrial topic for restaurants and chefs. Fortunately, Restaurant Accounting software is here to help. With little knowledge of accounting, restaurateurs can benefit from restaurant accounting software which can turn the whole complex restaurant accounting into easy to understand business accounting. However, the challenge is choosing the right pick for your business.

Being an expert remote accounting firm that has been pricing accounting and Accounts Payable Services for restaurants for years now, Back-office Accountants harbour decades of expertise in accounting software. So if you are a restaurateur looking for accounting software then in this blog here, we are going to list out our top 5 picks in descending order that you can consider for your business. Read on:

5.QuickBooks from Intuit: QuickBooks is one of the most widely used accounting software by all types of businesses across the globe. Though it is a general cloud accounting software, it is loaded with all the right features that can take care of your accounting needs.

From inventory management, monitoring food and beverage sales and running daily sales reports, overseeing operating expenses and Accounts Payable, interfacing with POS systems, processing payroll transactions, to Invoice creation, receipt organization & tax deductions QuickBooks can get all the stuff done for smooth restaurant accounting.

4.TouchBistro: If you own food trucks and are looking for POS system TouchBistro is an IPad-based accounting tool that can help you have a clear picture of our accounting and financial position. It offers inventory management, payment processing options, floor plan and table management, employee scheduling and staff management in addition to all the essential accounting features.

Given it’s a portable IPad based accounting tool that only needs Wi-Fi, it’s an easy and portable accounting solution that can be integrated with other tools to leverage a robust set of features for food track owners on the go. If you are looking for restaurant accounting services from a cloud-based accounting software for food tracking, the business you can have a look at one.

3.Xero: Simple to use, easy to set up, XERO is a powerful cloud accounting solution that can be the right fit for both beginners and experts in bookkeeping and accounting. Similar to QuickBooks, Xero is also a general cloud accounting that is filled with all types of rich features.

Managing invoices, purchasing orders, bills & expenses, reconciling bank statements, inventory tracking and management, payroll processing, real-time cash management and financial reporting are provided by Xero in addition to all the basic accounting features. Equipped with 600+ tools now, Xero is one of the most featured-packed and efficient cloud-accounting solutions for restaurants out there.

2.Oracle NetSuite for Restaurants: With 20 years of domain expertise in building business intelligence solutions, Oracle has developed a customized module that can perfectly cater, improve and enhance accounting and financial performance. With marketing automation, CRM software, e-commerce software, inventory and warehouse management software, Oracle NetSuite offers enterprise-grade applications for the restaurant industry.

Offering end-to-end visibility into receivables and payables, real-time insights into budgeting, seamless integration into banking systems, multiple entity management, Inventory management, Payroll, HR Analytics and more Oracle NetSuite is a powerful tool that can help restaurant business chart their path to growth and success.

Oracle NetSuite as an accounting/ERP solution is a league ahead of other accounting solutions like QuickBooks due to its powerful capabilities and ability to scale at will. If you are focused on your business growth and see yourself expanding to multiple locations then you can hugely benefit from the complete set of features Oracle NetSuite has to offer.

1.Restaurant 365: We so far talked about two general could-accounting solutions and also a specific accounting solution in QuickBooks, Xero and TouchBistro respectively. But if we had to recommend you a cloud-accounting solution for your restaurant it will always be Restaurant 365, because that’s how better it is compared to others (unless you own a food truck of course in that case – TouchBistro).

Restaurant 365 is the best all-around cloud-based accounting solution that perfectly meets the needs of the restaurant – small, medium or large. It runs on PC, Mac, IPad, tablet and also mobile to cater to all the bookkeeping and accounting needs of the restaurant business. From banking, accounting, budgeting, AP automation, purchasing, vendor, POS, and payroll integration, employee scheduling, inventory management, financial reporting, budgeting and sales forecasting – you name it Restaurant 365 offers it. The only gripe being its price point which can be steep for small restaurants. But if you are on your way to growth we recommend Restaurant 365.

Which cloud- accounting Solution to choose for restaurant business?

Restaurant 365 and Oracle NetSuite are our best picks for restaurant accounting software. While the completely customized Restaurant 365 offers all the domain-specific features & tools, Oracle NetSuite is a powerful enterprise grade solution that can cater to restaurant and hospitality industry in general. You can pick either of these two based on our requirements.

Accounting for Restaurants – Back Office Accountants:

A cloud-accounting solution is the first step towards setting a foundation to improve your restaurant accounting only if you can hire expert accountants who can fully leverage their powerful features. For a large business whose sales and revenues are on the higher side, the accounting and bookkeeping needs go overboard demanding services of a restaurant accounting services expert accounting firm, especially when it comes to managing Accounts Payable Services. And this is where Back Office Accountants can help.

With certified expertise in all the cloud-accounting solutions, including Oracle NetSuite ERP, Restaurant365, QuickBooks Online, Fresh Books and AvidXchange, Back Office Accountants can help restaurant businesses improve their accounting performance.

If you are a new business looking for dedicated Restaurant Accounting Services or an established business in need of Restaurant Accounts Payable Services, Back Office Accountants is the best accounting firms that can help you reach our goals.

Equipped with our own accounting software and tools, we blend our accounting expertise and technological excellence to deliver high ROI Restaurant Accounting Services for your business. You can contact us here: