The market is flooded with accounting software that come with extensive list of features to cater to different requirements, and yet they all look the same. Finding the right accounting software is no easy task especially when you have so many factors you must look into, compare, assess the scalability, performance and then check the ROI and affordability. This is exactly the reason we have made simple guides for choosing the best accounting software for restaurants, real estate businesses and Accounts Payable Services.

However, the jury is divided when one has to choose the right accounting software. There are 10+ options on the shortlist and we often get queries regarding the choice of accounting software; the most common one being – “What is the best accounting software that can cater to all my accounting requirements?”

Being a remote accounting firm that has used, sampled and subscribed to almost all types of accounting software we can attest that there is no one such perfect accounting software. But Sage Intacct does come very close to the idea of reliable accounting software that fits every business. And with inputs from our accountants at Back Office Accountants, we explain why. Read on:

6 Reasons Why Sage Intacct Must Be Your Next Accounting Software:

1.Ease of use: Sage Intacct is built by financial professionals for financial professionals. So it is common to expect certain level of rigor & rigidity but this is where Sage Intacct truly surprises everyone. The interface of the Sage Intacct is built with a simple and intuitive interface of ‘Action UI’ makes it a simple ride for both financial and non-financial teams.

2.Customizability: Even better it also helps build your own navigations to eliminate clutter and customize the interface for a swifter and far more  convenient experience. Got used to the old look of your previous application? You can recreate the same and make it more efficient by reducing clutter. With new display preferences, layout alternatives, personalized design options you can get work done faster with minimum clicks.

3.Enhanced real-time reporting: Unlike other accounting software where users have to grapple with configuring and building the right reports, Sage Intacct simplifies and makes reporting a breeze. Sage pulls data in real-time from multiple sources and enables users to generate customized real-time reports to improve their frequency of reporting. This saves a lot of time which is usually spent in pulling data, creating manual spreadsheets, and configuring reports.

4.Scalability to support you:Most important feature every accounting software must offer is scalability and this is where Sage Intacct shines. As a financial management solution, Sage automates and streamlines your accounting processes, offers real-time reporting improving your team’s productivity, and more importantly can scale up efficiently. While it integrates with almost every ERP and CRM system out there, it offers excellent scalability to go hand-in-hand with your business growth.

5.Better pricing model: Being a highly customizable cloud accounting serviceSage Intacct offers a tailored approach for owners and this allows them to offer better pricing models that are perfect for all types of businesses.

The initial cost of Sage Intacct starts with a base module that consists of core financials. And the total cost depends on the number of users that a business needs to give access to and the price may vary based on the module. So in effect, a business ends up paying for only the modules that are needed and several users.

6.Great customer service: Sage Intacct provides excellent functionality, scalability, affordability and blend it with matchless customer service – a unique combination among cloud accounting software. The premier software review sites, Trust Radius & G2 after analysing thousands of reviews rated Sage Intacct as the best cloud accounting solution across all customer categories, particularly praising customer service as its strongest suit.

How Back Office Accountants can help?

Sage Intacct is easy to use, customizable, offers excellent features, delivers seamless reporting and provides attentive customer service. More importantly, it offers a convenient pricing model and is easily scalable – a great asset for every accounting department. And this is the reason why Sage Intacct has been our go-to cloud accounting software at Back Office Accountants for our Restaurant Accounts Payable Services, Real Estate Accounts Payable Services and Full-scale Back Office Accounting Services.

If you are a business that is looking for an upgrade from your current cloud accounting software then we recommend you to consider Sage Intacct. If you are already considering Sage Intacct but require accounting experts who can help you extract the best out of Sage Intacct for your bookkeeping and accounting needs you can contact Back Office Accountants here: