Accounts Payable for restaurants can be the most time-consuming, error-prone, least rewarding and high-risk prone accounting process – only when a restaurant does not have enough expertise and experience in strategizing and implementing an efficient and streamlined Accounts Payable process. Fortunately, restaurant businesses do not have to settle with an insipid and unproductive Accounts Payable Process. Today, you can optimize your Accounts Payable process – improve your accuracy, reduce your cost, save your time and increase your profitability by simply outsourcing your restaurant’s Accounts Payable process to Back Office Accountants.

Accounts Payable Services for Restaurants

Chart of accounts, cost of goods sold, Operating and occupancy expenses, prime costs, cost-to-sales ratio, Profit and loss statements – Restaurant accounting can be a tough job to master even for seasoned professionals. What makes it even more complicated is its time sensitivity, higher need for accuracy. Add-in the slim margins and high competition, and efficient Restaurant Accounting can be considered a pillar for a successful run in the business. Restaurant accounting has many moving parts of which Accounts Payable is a significant one where most restaurant businesses falter.

Accounts Payable Process is most time-consuming and least rewarding and is often a serial victim of accounting errors and financial discrepancies in any business even more so in a restaurant business where accounting is time-sensitive and repercussions of faulty AP are immediate.

Common Restaurant Accounts Payable Problems

Restaurant businesses with multiple weekly orders and fast-paced turnover stock consistently face vendor payment issues and challenges. On top of this common data entry errors, invoice process bottlenecks and mistakes, approval delays and manual workflows may cause delays, increase operating costs, and result in a late fee, penalties and most importantly strained vendor relationships.

Though restaurants can potentially fix these Accounts Payable problems, the problem in most cases lies in the accounts payable software, the restaurant employs for the task and lack of expertise in the department. Most restaurant businesses do not employ a restaurant-centric Accounts Payable system, instead, they employ a hybrid AP solution with costly integrations which doesn’t bode well with the restaurant Accounts Payable demands, resulting in an inefficient and unorganized and error-prone restaurant Accounts Payable system that causes all the problems described above.

Why Outsource Restaurant Accounts Payable Process?

One way your business can solve these restaurant Accounts Payable problems is to employ a restaurant-specific Accounts Payable software, chart an effective Accounts Payable process that works for your business and hire Accounts Payable experts experienced in the restaurant Accounts Payable process. But while all these can help you optimize your restaurant’s Accounts Payable process, can demand a sizeable investment driving your expenses decreasing your ROI.

However, by outsourcing restaurant’s Accounts Payable process you can accrue all the benefits of an optimized AP process- reduce errors, costs, improve accuracy, and vendor relationships without investing and wasting your precious time as our Accounts Payable experts at Back Office Accountants perfectly strategize and execute your restaurant’s Accounts Payable process for you.

Why Choose Back Office Accountants for Outsourced Accounts Payable Services?

Putting together a team of Accounts Payable experts with an excellent track record in restaurant Accounts Payable Services, Back Office Accountants has been helping restaurants avail optimized and streamlined Accounts Payable services for years now.

Blending our restaurants AP expertise with the sophistication of advanced Accounts Payable software for restaurants; we chart an efficient AP system that is tailor-made for your business and execute it to perfection. In addition to installing a whole AP stem or revamping your existing AP process we also help restaurants plug gaps in their Accounts Payable system with our expert Restaurant Accounts Payable Services.

Invoice processing, Data entry and GL coding, Payment processing, vendor price tracking, Payable task management and processing, Vendor account setup, invoice management, outstanding AP tracking and more, we can help you improve your Restaurant Accounts Payable services by plugging the gaps in your current process. We are also providing Accounts Payable Services to restaurants in the following AP software

  • Oracle NetSuite ERP
  • Restaurant365
  • QuickBooks Online
  • FreshBooks
  • AvidXchange

In fact, one of our clients right now is a well-known Restaurant chain based in San Mateo (CA). They manage 27 Restaurants at different locations using our Accounts Services using NetSuite ERP.

Benefits of Restaurant Accounts Payable Services

All our clients report significant improvements in their overall AP operation which translate to sizeable rewards and high ROI. Some of the common benefits often reported by our clients are:

  1. Reduced operational costs: Our Accounts Payable Services for restaurants have been able to reduce the total operating expenses by more than 40%, adding cash to their bottom-line.
  2. Error-free Accounts Payable process: Our dedicated Accounts Payable experts make sure that the records to squeaky clean while accomplishing all the tasks with rapid pace and efficiency.
  3. Enhanced employee productivity: In most restaurants, employee’s even managers perform AP tasks which often translates to reduced time spent on their area of expertise like customer service and operations. Outsourcing a restaurant’s Accounts Payable delegates the AP to experts while helping improve the employee’s productivity.
  4. Improved ROI and profitability: By reducing operating costs, improving accuracy, avoid late fees and increase productivity has often helped business boost their ROI and profitability by a good margin.

Working as a remote accounting firm for businesses of all types and sizes, Back Office Accountants has been offering expert back-office accounting services for a few years now. In addition to them, our dedicated AP experts are now available to help restaurant businesses improve and optimize their Accounts Payable process to boost their business efficiency. If you are a restaurant business looking to outsource Accounts Payable Services, you can benefit from our Customized Restaurant Accounts Payable Services.

Accounts Payable FAQs

To start Accounts Payable Processing with Back Office Accountants Team, you need to give us communication about the nature of the work to be done – required deliverables, allotted time to accomplish the work, and also your budget.

Outsourcing Accounts Payable Processing to Back Office Accountants reduces operating costs, errors, improves efficiency, increases productivity and boosts your overall ROI.

Not a problem. Our Accounts Payable experts at Back Office Accountants are experts in fixing all types of AP problems no matter how complicated and messy they tend to be.

Accounts Payable for Restaurants
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 by Anelisaa Roncal
Anelisaa Roncal

Handing over my accounting work to the Back Office was the best decision for my firm. They get the work done hassle free and I don’t need to worry whether the accountant is coming today or not or how much backlog is left to be cleared. They are masters of Accounts Payable and Receivable work and cost me cheaper than my earlier accountant. Plus their ethical work culture is something I noticed of late and I really admire it.

 by Ira Nusbaum
Ira Nusbaum

Back Office Accounting has been handling my Accounts Payables department for quite some time now. It has been a really delightful experience working with them. I have multiple branches at different locations and the way they coordinate and handle our accounts with ease is remarkable. They’re certified which keeps me assured of the quality of the work done.