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Introducing a brand new support system for providing Accounts Payable Processing, Accounting and Bookkeeping services in the digital world. Yes, Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc.,

Back Office Accounting Specialists is involved in the activities of Accounts Payable Processing Services, Accounts Receivable Services, Accounting/ Bookkeeping and Reconciliation services. We also prepare financial statements like P/L account, Balance Sheet and Cash flow from your raw business data.

Brandon Cheema, young, sharp and IT Savvy with hardcore accounting in his nerves, leads the company from the front. He has experience of more than 6 years working with Balwant Cheema, P.A. Certified Public Accountant. He is also Vice President of BSC Accounting Services Inc

Our Salient Features

Our Back Office Support Services can make your business efficient and streamlined. You can deploy your domestic accounts personnel in delivering more important strategic work rather than doing routine accounting affairs.

  • We believe in providing the best deliverables. Back Office Accounting Specialists never compromises with the quality of services.
  • We strive hard and explore innovative techniques to provide our customers with the best quality service at an affordable rate.
  • We have the perfect blend of experience and capability to deal with your unique business accounting and bookkeeping requirement.
  • We are cost-effective. Back Office Accounting Specialists follow fair pricing strategies. We don’t charge our customers anything extra over the services we are providing. We have no registration fee, no package fee, and no hiding charges. Customers can take monthly package plans suitable for their pocket and their business requirement.
  • We respect the time and money of our customers. Our process starts without any delay once we get raw electronic data by means of Email, FTP transfer or using any special file delivery software from your side.
  • We are customer-oriented. We the Back Office Special Accountants believe in long-term professional business relations.

What Back Office Accounting Specialists can bring to your business?

Back Office Accounting Specialists have expert proficiency in Accounts Payable processing and handling service. We primarily deal with the Purchase orders, Work Order and Invoices from suppliers. Our Invoice Processing Services started right from the verification and approval of bills from the supplier and ends with matching them with purchase orders. Our prompt service prevents you from paying an extra amount in a financial penalty, fine late payment fees. We take care of your credit and debit notes, maintenance of records for accounts payable as well as vendor account statements.

  • Expert high-quality work on time.
  • Better customer relationships and business reputation.
  • We offer you a greater scope for brand building activity in the industry.
  • You can get access to the latest technology and infrastructure
  • Delegating the task can reduce other associated business expenses.
  • Knowing the ins and outs of the business, you can have better control over your business.
  • You can see increased efficiency and improved productivity among your domestic staff.
  • The reduced work burden allows you to deploy the staff in other core activities.
  • You can identify the requirement of your business and do the needful.
  • You will get the peace of mind to frame policy and strategies in a structured way.
  • We charge you a fair pricing strategy. You have to pay for only the work we have done for you. We do not charge our customers anything extra over that.
  • No more late fees and penalties. Our services help you to cut down the business cost.
  • You will feel a quality improvement in managing business.
  • Even small business firms can access advance infrastructure and technology
  • Ultimately your business can generate more profit.
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