There are many factors that influence the Back Office Accounts Payable processing Costs such as Pricing and corporate Strategy, Management of IT Services, Use of Latest Technology including Artificial Intelligence.When you are managing Full Accounts Payable / Receivable / Accounting department in house, you need to bear overhead expenses, employee benefit costs, training costs, hardware and software expenses, More Rental space, more supplies, more utilities

When you use our Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc., you don’t need to bear overhead expenses and other expenses given in para above. You just have to pay the predetermined agreed lump sum fees or predetermined agreed per hourly fees. There is no other hidden cost in outsourcing model.

Hiring the Back Office Accountants, it is a policy decision whether to outsource Accounts Payable processing or not. But straightforward determining of Outsourcing cost can help you to take this policy decision. If you want to hire our Back Office Accounting Services Accounts Payable Processing, let’s first evaluate the cost to do so.

In House Accounts Payable Processing Cost Analysis

  1. The Cost: Maintaining In House full time employee is much costlier than outsourcing cost due to overhead expenses, employee benefit costs, training cost etc. In today’s world of Information Technology, outsource is a must to get a favourable ROI and keep edge over your competitors’.
  2. The Scalability: When you need to scale your operations steeply up or down, then outsourcing is very helpful since it is a variable cost. Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc. is an expert in outsourcing. We offer our clients to scale their operations vertically, as per their business requirements. Whereas you have to pay fix salary and overheads in case of small or medium business for their in house team.
  3. Latest Technology: Many a times in Small and Medium businesses’ In-house team don’t adopt to the latest methodologies / techniques of handling the work but continue to reply on old tested techniques. For example, sometimes we came across a situation where the Old Accountant is explained the benefit of using Online QuickBooks and transactions getting downloaded in Banking Centre in QuickBooks. When it is explained, the Old Accountant simply asked if the transactions are downloaded into QB, rules applied, then what outsourcing team will do. So, it is not always easy to get Old Accountants understand the value of time saved and cost saved by use of latest technology!!

Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc.  ROI Calculator

= {Return (or say cost saving) – Investment Cost}/ Investment Cost x 100

We can help you to calculate your saving and ROI since there are many costs which you may not consider while calculating the cost savings such as cost of replacement/repair of computers, maintenance cost, costs that have only intangible benefits, regulatory compliance etc. You may provide us the following detail, we shall do it for you