We provide Accounts Payable services for Businesses, as per their customized requirement. The process is briefed as under

  1. Invoices received by the Business (hereinafter referred as Client) from their vendors are scanned and shared with Back Office Accounting Specialists
  2. On the receipt of Invoices, we shall make processing of Invoices Received on Daily/ Weekly basis as per Client’s Instructions
  3. We shall send a report of Open Vendors. You will mark the invoices to be paid or pay it from your end, as the case may.
  4. We shall set up the payments in Accounting Software, as per instructions at Step 3 above.
  5. There shall be 2 options for printing checks
    • Client opens the accounting software and print the checks (ready to print) on their own printer
    • Back Office Accounting Specialists print a pdf file of checks to print and share with the Client. Client prints it on their computer.
    • In both the above cases, checks are signed and mailed from Client’s Office under Client’s full control.
accounts payable for business

Accounts Payable FAQ’s

What are the benefits of Accounts Payable to Back Office Accountants?

Accounts Payable Processing to Back Office Accountants helps the internal staff to reduce their work burden and make them available to take up new responsibilities.

What are the requirements to start Accounts Payable with Back Office Accountants Team?

To start Accounts Payable Processing with Back Office Accountants Team, at first, you need to give us communication about the nature of the work to be done, required deliverables and allotted time to accomplish the work.

I have messy accounts for last year, Can Back Office Accountants Fix it?

We, the Back Office Accounting Specialists are there to help you out in any accounting and bookkeeping mess-ups.