Nowadays in the digital world privacy in the field of business is getting ignored significantly. Due to the increasing popularity of automation and computerization, users have become a target for attackers for their personal, business and other sensitive information. These security issues including privacy risk, identity steal, hacking, physical threats, spamming, phishing, and malware attacks, refrain business houses to implement accounting outsourcing. In many back offices, you may witness the issue of unauthorized use of information and third parties identity theft.

Our safety feature

The back office makes unauthorized access possible when they do not take the necessary privacy control measures to safeguard their client’s data. We the Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc is featured with the entire latest infrastructure needed for the digital accounting industry.

Our Work Environment and Security System

  • Back Office Accounting Specialists use dual monitor workstations for delivering accurate timely work.
  • You can send your raw business accounting information in the form of email, Hubdoc, Receipt-Bank, Dropbox, Google Drive, other through electronic data like secured FTP or any other preferred online media.
  • Back Office Accounting Specialists give high priority to data security than anything else.
  • We give sessions and training on security aspects like data security, business information security, maintain customer secrecy, the confidentiality of business information, prevention of unauthorized data access, identification fraud and spam.
  • We operate from remote. Our accounting team uses 32 Mbps bandwidth of Internet connectivity which results in a very fast processing speed to connect with the server and the remote system. Thus we can manage to deliver timely work to make our customers happy.
  • Be assured, there is no room for a virus to come to your data files. We are loaded with effective antivirus programs to prevent our system to get a virus attack.
  • Neither the confidentiality of the clients nor their identification details can be leaked from our side. We never reveal the business information of your clients to any unauthorized person.
  • We are concerned with recording and preparing your books of account. Rest assured, do not have any access to your bank accounts. No staff or accountant can get into your account to perform any financial transaction without your consent.
  • Back Office Accounting Specialists do take care of your data and files. We follow smart measures to prevent data loss, mechanical damages of the hard drive, prevent accidental deleting file deletion, computer theft, scam, Viruses and damaging malware, and Power failures issues.
  • Do not worry about losing a business reputation to get automated due to internet glitches. Be sure, you are free from the risk of scam.
  • The installed disks to record regular backups help us to get the lost files even after a severe virus damage. Proper backups for mechanical damages of a motherboard, hard drive, and other significant hardware are taken regularly.
  • The sudden voltage fluctuation and frequent power failures may loss of data especially when you are in the middle of a big calculation and reconciling the files. Hence Online UPS with backup Power Generator is implemented for taking automatic backups to prevent data loss while executing regular work.

Our Multilevel Security Compliance

Back Office Accounting Specialists are equipped with multi-level security compliance. To make the whole system more secure and streamlined, we follow four levels of security right from Data security to audit program.

1. Business data security

2. Physical level security

3. The work environment

4. The audit program

Business Data Security

This is regarding the security system to prevent workstations and servers. Back Office Accounting Specialists have installed Firewalls and Antivirus programs to prevent their data to get damaged by a virus attack. Regular Backup and Disaster Recovery Plans for data recovery are the ultimate plans for flawless accounting and bookkeeping work. Screens and Keystrokes are recorded by software for future reference for every work done by us.

Physical Level Security

We take care of the physical associated machine, server room, business document, annual statement, reports and book of accounts. We put personal effort to discourage the physical access to the servers, routers, cables, and switches of any unauthorized person with a wrong intention. Followed the work we destroy the disk, burn it and shred it. The physical server room is installed with the proper temperature to accommodate the environmental humidity.

The Work Environment

A good work environment can be maintained with good staff recruitment. We take the competence of the employee having good knowledge of work. Proper scrutiny of educational certificates, past work experience, job qualification has been done in an interview by a panel of recruiters before joining them in our team.

The Audit Program

This is to ensure the validity of the accounting and bookkeeping tasks done by our internal staff. Back Office Accounting Specialists do an audit programmed for both Policies and processes audit. This can be considered as a certificate of the honesty, integrity and work ethics of your internal accounting team.

Do not worry about the security aspect. Along with the safety of your business information, we guarantee you a timely, accurate and customer oriented service. We have the right accounting team of professionals with good knowledge of accounts to deal with your accounting and bookkeeping tasks.

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