What is back office?

A back-office is the documentation and technical support to the front office in performing their day to day business activities of regular courses. The back office is not client-facing. It assists the client-facing positions in executing their tasks. They are the offices framed with the administration and support personnel. The functions like clearances, settlements, record keeping, maintenance of books, filing returns, regulatory compliance, accounting, preparations of reports including making financial statements from the raw data are to be performed in a back office.

So you say that you’ll perform our accounting work over the remote on your computer in your office. Sounds interesting. But how does that happen?

We perform your accounting work at the backend remotely to enable you to deal with the front office effectively. Our work starts when you delegate the accounting task to us. Your work will be going to be checked on every level by different accounting persons. Thus you will get 100 percent accuracy due to this checking and rechecking process. Our staff has perfect knowledge of accounting standards and advanced regulations, work on your project; finish your task within your required time frame and send you across. We ensure you timely delivery of the work which helps your business to build a better customer relation and business reputation.

How do I know whether you are good enough to be entrusted with my daily accounts?

No matter whatever business you are running but our well-organized back-office accounting assistance can help you in achieving your business goal. We are the perfect blend of real-life accounting help and automation to provide you the latest smart bookkeeping assistance for the management of your daily accounts. To build trust you can see customer reviews for our services. See the public rating of our services. You can call and talk to the people who have already used our services. All your team members have been checked for honesty and integrity. We prevent your data from unauthorized access. Thus shifting a load of your daily accounts to us is helpful.

I already have an in house accounting department for my business. Why should I consider you?

See, there are two aspects of your concern. Firstly, considering us is a cost-effective approach rather than keeping an in-house accounting department. Internal accounting team involves paying extra cost on recruitment; retainment, training and paying on employee benefits including the salary due. Secondly, you can get hands-on getting an expert level of service that you never expect from an in-house accounting department. You can get your task done in stipulated time with perfect accuracy and diligence. Considering us you will never go to miss legal compliance which causes you financial loss or loss of business reputation.

One thing that concerns me is my data and I am skeptical about how secure it is working that way?

Rest assure about your critical and confidential data. We maintain a great level of business confidentiality and keep your customer secrets. Our staffs are to comply with the security policy of the company and act against unauthorized data access. We have Firewalls and antivirus installed on servers and workstations for better data security.

What all software do you work with?

Rather than using accounting software, we prefer talented accounting personnel to work with. We have a team of experts having good bookkeeping knowledge to perform your accounting requirements. We use QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Desktop, Oracle Netsuite ERP, Bill.com ,Propertyware, MAS90, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP, AP Centre, R365 and AvidXchange.

What are your pricing plans?

We have flexible pricing plans suitable for all types of customers. Please refer to our pricing tariff for detail information. You can have a monthly package plan or hourly rate system based on the nature of your task.

I have a question about your hourly billing plan. How will I know that I was charged for a legitimate time? How will I know which thing took how much time?

We provide an hourly rate system service to our customers depending upon their work. Generally, the task requires more skill and diligence of an accountant are charged under an hourly billing plan. This is a fair way of billing that goes good for both the company and the customer. Here the time taken by the accountant to finish the job is recorded by a time tracking system. The customer is charged with the amount (time taken to finish the task * per hour rate) due. Customers can get a screenshot of the recorded time for which they are being changed.

Suppose if I decide to consider you for my daily accounting. How much time will it take for me to shift over to you?

We are a customer-oriented company. We respect your time and understand your business requirements. Let me tell you that it is s very good decision for your business to take our bookkeeping services for your daily accounting. We have expert accounting professionals to handle your daily bookkeeping needs in no time. You just need to contact us and send us your raw data through an electronic file of any other online media to enable us to start work on it.

Once you start working regularly how often will I have to communicate with you? Will your working process involve every day calling?

We do not need you to communicate every day to get the work done. You can provide us your work specifications and time frame to finish the job. Our concerned department will take care of your unique work instructions and follow your requirements. Yes, you can call us and communicate in case of any variation in the standard instruction provided by you.

Do you have any references of your customers who are working well under this arrangement?

We have many satisfied customers starting right from the field of construction Company, food business, corporate industry, hospitality sector, business concern, agricultural industry, real estate, and other service departments. Sorry, we cannot share our customer reference publicly as it is beyond our business ethics. However, you can refer to the customer review and rating on the service page of our website, which is the real-life experience written by some of our satisfied customers. Other than that you can log on to our webpage to know the detail of our company, our vision, the work history and detail of our service team for all your assurance.

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