FAQ Back Office – Functional

Whether Accounts Payable Back Office Support is possible and secured?

Ans: Accounts Payable Back Office Support is an advanced collaborative accounting service featured with all the modern technology for faster processing and secured accessto make the process possible and secured.We specialize in all major Accounts Payable processing software such as Oracle Netsuite ERP, Bill.com, Propertyware, QuickBooks, MAS90, Sage Intacct, Microsoft Dynamics GP, AP Centre, R365, AvidXchange. Latest technology of Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, Dropbox, and Ledgersynch are applied to fetchand share the data. Our accounting team uses a very fast processing speed of 32 Mbps bandwidth of Internet connectivity which makes the process possible to connect with the server and the remote system. Along with it, we are loaded with installed antivirus programs to secure our system from getting a virus attack.

What are the requirements to start Accounts Payable Processing with BackOffice Accountants Team? 

Ans: To start Accounts Payable Processing with Back Office Accountant Team, at first, you need to give us communication about thenature of the work to be done, required deliverables and allotted time to accomplish the work. If everything goes well you can begin with agreement and start working within no time. All you need to do is to send your raw business data through email, Hubdoc, Receipt-Bank, Dropbox, Google Drive, other through electronic data like secured FTP or any other preferred online media. Back Office Accounting Specialists will take care of rest of the things to give you customized deliverables.

What are the benefits of Accounts Payable Processing to Back Office Accountants to my staff and my organization? 

Ans: Accounts Payable Processing to Back Office Accountants helps the internal staff to reduce their work burden and make them available to take up new responsibilities. Your workforce(staff) and management(organization) can focus on more important things rather than doing the routine business work. This will increase their efficiency and organizational productivity. Your workforce will feel empowered with reduced work pressure. Thus they will be more focused to achieve the common business objective along with attaining their work targets. Delegating the routine and tedious accounting task save your team from exhausting all their time in performing day to day accounting work, while deploying the talent in making a strategic business plan, framing policy and implementing them will give a more productive outcome.  

I have messy accounts for last year, Can Back Office Accountants Fix it and reconcile my Bank Accounts? 

Ans: We, the Back Office Accounting Specialists are there to help you out in any accounting and bookkeeping mess-ups. Implement the collaborative approach to streamline the accounting functions of your organization. Back Office Accountants can fix and reconcile your haphazardBank Accounts. But as you know it requires more time and precision. Specific account persons will be allotted to clear the accounting messes which need personal care and diligence along with a high level of precision. However, the charges to clear the past backlogs may vary from the usual rates depending on the complexity and nature of the work.

FAQ Back Office – General

While using the services of Back Office Accountants, what are the preferred means of communication?

Ans: We are glad to entertain you 24/7. We believe in delivering high-quality Customer Experiences. You can communicate with us regarding the work and the package plans round-the-clock. You can have direct access with us through Live Chat, Phone Calls, or Fax messages. We suggest Encrypted email is the best and secure method of communication. We respect the time and money of our customers. All we ensure our customers to be safe, well-cared and happy every day.

How many Projects or Accounts Can I send to Back Office Accountants at one time? Is there any limitation?

Ans: No, there is no such restriction on the projects to be sent at one time. You can send as much work you want to get done. Everything can be finalized depending on your modules and available slot of the work. Prior communication about the time frame, priority for the completion, instructions for customization, and required deliverables of the work is necessary to provide an assured delivery within the stipulate agreed time. We don’t want our customers to face any difficulty or last-minute hassle.

What are the Charges which shall be applied to me for services?

Ans:  Do not worry about the rates and charges.  We have a fair pricing strategy. Back Office Accounting Specialists have a very clear cut pricing structure for every service rendered by them. You can pay according to the package plan you have taken. We do not charge you any extra amount or hidden charges for our services. All you need is to pay for the work you are getting done. Not a penny more or less. We also offer you an hourly rate of payment as per the nature of your work. Apart from that, we can also cater to you as per your customized need and requirement of the work module, while this will be charged a special amount according to the job. For more detail information you can refer to our pricing tariff on our website page.

How the completed work is conveyed back to the Client

Ans: The completed work is conveyed back to the client according to the agreed predetermined term and condition between the customer and Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc.In the normal course, documents are exchanged through secured methods of  email, Hubdoc, Receipt-Bank, Dropbox, Google Drive, other through electronic data like secured FTP or any other preferred online media. We highly care for the confidentiality and business secrets of our customers.

What are your service standards for accuracy, safety, and security?

Ans: We never differentiate between big or small job orders. Back Office Accounting service Specialists give the same priority and equal level of service standards for every client. We are very keen on the accuracy, safety, and security of the work delegated to us. That is the reason we choose the best bookkeeping persons in our team to work with, having perfect knowledge of accounts and compliances. We provide 99.99 % accuracy in our service level agreement (SLA). The work we do passes through many levels and it gets checked and rechecked in every stage by different persons, which ensures a great level of precision and accuracy. Along with it, for safety and security concerns all our team members are specially trained on data security, maintaining the confidentiality of business information and customer secrecy, identification fraud and spam including prevention of unauthorized data access.

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