We can provide you Accounts Receivable Services

  • Back Office Accounting Specialists, prepare Sales Invoices for clients from the information provided by the client. The invoices are subject to Client’s approval before sending email to the Client.
  • These invoices are either prepared on basis of pre-approved schedule or as per information provided by the client.
  • After Client’s approval, Back Office Accounting Specialists, send email for Sales Invoices and Monthly Statement indicating the outstanding balance as of date.
  • After sending the invoice and statements, these are posted into Client’s Accounting software, if not sent directly from Accounting Software.
  • At the periodic interval agreed/ requested by client, Back Office Accounting Specialist provide predetermined reports such as Accounts Receivable services reports such as Accounts Receivable Aging Report, Client Balance Report, Open Invoices Report, Sales by Client Summary etc. as per the requirement of the client.
  • Following up Client with email reminder for clearing of Invoice outstanding for the past due invoices.

accounts receivable services