The real estate business is one of the most dynamic businesses in the market where the number of transactions is always at large and also the cost and flow of the transactions suffer fluctuations all the time. The whole business has a lot of moving parts which drive the transactions and hence it can be tedious to keep track of all the transaction while ensuring that all the regulations are met perfectly.

A booming and lucrative business, high volume transactions, a large number of moving parts, compliance to complex rules and regulations are some of the factors that further complicate the accounting affairs of the of a real estate business. And this becomes even more complex when a real estate business wants to track, analyse, and improve their financial performance.

Why do real estate businesses need to outsource their accounting services?

For any growing small business, Outsourcing the accounting services save time & money while providing high accuracy and reliability in their accounting department. With advanced tools and accounting software at disposal, a business can easily scale and adapt while enjoying robust security measures for their financial data. Be it any business, outsourcing your accounting services not only helps analyse and improve the financial performance but also optimizes the whole business in every way are possible.

And real estate business, due to its inherent complexity in one of the very few businesses that can reap maximum benefits for outsourcing the accounting services. Here are the reasons why:

  1. Lack of advanced tools and accounting software: The high volume and complex nature of transactions demand either a large number of accounting sources or advanced tools and software to keep everything on track. And real estate business which is only its ascent phase may not be able to afford both.
  2. Cost-cutting measures: If a real estate firm is relying on their in-house accounting team of accountants, then it may not be possible to reduce the staff for cost-cutting because of the inherent complexity of the financial accounting. And cost-cutting is easily achievable when a real-estate firm outsources accounting services.
  3. High competition: With high competition in the real estate business, it is very important to fully dedicate to core competencies like marketing, sales, and customer relationship. Outsourcing important yet non-core activities like accounting services can help you concentrate on your core competencies to improve your profitability.

In essence, a real-estate business can significantly benefit from outsourcing their accounting services, be it with a specific branch or the complete stack. If you are a real estate business seeking help with your accounting services, Back Office Accountants is the leading accounting services provider for real estate business which can help you improve your financial performance while helping you retain your competitive edge.

At Back Office Accountants, we offer both full-stack bookkeeping services and standalone account services like Accounts Payable Services for real estate businesses.

Accounts Payable Services for Real Estate Businesses at Back Office Accountants: 

Financial transactions in real estate business are always a complex affair. While the cost and volume of transactions range are always large, the fluctuations of the price in the market are one core feature that separates real-estate from other businesses. The whole real-estate business works in so many intricate levels with real-estate brokers executing their deals while experiencing huge fluctuations in price.

The total payables are made in different forms that include commissions which are highly volatile and can change for each and every individual account. Keeping a record of all these transactions
accurately to track, analyse, and make sure that they are in compliance is a burdensome task that can be simplified using our Account Payable Services for real estate business.

From entering and processing the business invoice to track expenses to managing overhead bills, insurances, keeping track of due-dates, accurate review of payable batches, handling the disbursements and preparing the comprehensive Accounts Payable details report for your perusal, our Back Office Accounts help you in every way possible to optimize and improve your accounting health.

Bookkeeping Services for Real Estate Businesses by Back Office Accountants

The importance of maintaining accurate bookkeeping services is never to be underestimated with this high-risk business of real-estate. And being one of the most profitable and highly competitive fields, real estate businesses need all the help it can get it the accounting department to focus on their core competency.  

Having helped some of the leading real estate business in the market with their bookkeeping services, Back Office Accountants is aware of the challenges faced by the real estate businesses when it comes to accounting. Over the years we have gained an unprecedented understanding of the business and have come up with perfect streamlined accounting solutions that can help real estate businesses with their bookkeeping services at an affordable price point.

Today in addition to the Account Payable Services, Back office Accountants also offer Accounts Receivable Services & Full-scale Bookkeeping Services for real estate businesses to help then in every way possible. So if you are small business looking to outsource your accounting services, you can contact us here: