After receiving an overwhelming response for our Remote Bookkeeping Services from scores of small and medium businesses in the market, we are delighted to announce that we have been also helping real estate and restaurant businesses reap rich benefits with our Remote Accounts Payable Services.

Today, our dedicated Remote AP experts at Back Office Accountants are working hand-in-glove with real estate and restaurant businesses to improve their cash flow, smoothen their financial operations and vendor relationships by delivering flexible and cost-effective Remote Accounts Payable Services.

With COVID-19 disrupting the dynamics of how businesses function and go about their regular operations, both small and large businesses have their task cut out to keep their finance operations run smoothly and efficiently. The efforts of the business owners to maintain the smooth cash flow and supplier continuity can be thwarted by manual and in-house Accounts Payable Process which require an onsite team for even simple tasks like invoice processing, approval, and payments. With businesses adhering to remote working options, this disruption in the Accounts Payable Process of the business can interrupt the cash flow, delay payments to vendors which further can ripple through other financial aspects of the business.

It is extremely challenging for businesses, especially real estate and restaurant businesses to stick to the financial deadlines when your whole Account Payable Process is built around your physical office location. And Remote Accounts Payable Services offered by Back Office Accountants are designed and developed to perfectly solve these problems by providing Remote Accounts Payable Services that do not rely either on manual accounting tasks or physical office space.

By leveraging the power of secured cloud storage systems, advanced accounting tools, and software, we efficiently streamline the Accounts Payable Process to optimize the financial of the business. From verification of invoices and approval of bills to matching the purchase orders we make sure each and every task effectively from a secured remote location at the businesses’ convenience.

Our Remote Accounts Payable Services also can help you identify the right time of making your payments so as to score savings using the discounts or other early bird offers of vendors. We track all the outgoing payments and also monitor the invoices in real-time to prevent double payments. Restaurant and real estate businesses which are particularly characterized by their high volume transactions, complex payment methods, and volatile supply chains perfectly benefit from our Remote Accounts Payable Services and which is why we have been able to work closely with some of the prominent restaurant and real estate businesses in the market.

“Leveraging the power of secured cloud storage systems, advanced accounting tools, software and expertise of best booking and accounting talent in the industry, Back Office Accountants have been able to deliver the accurate and efficient Remote Accounts Payable Services for real estate and restaurant businesses. And we would like to extend our services to as many restaurant and real estate businesses possible during this pandemic” said Mr. Brandon S Cheema, Chairman of the Board and President of Back Office Accounting Specialists, Inc.

Being one of the most prominent Bookkeeping and Accounting firms in the market, Back Office Accountants also revel in providing complete Remote Bookkeeping and Accounting Services for all types of small and medium of businesses.