With the advent of technology, the idea of outsourcing Back Office accounting services has permeated every area of business. Currently, the small-business community and startups are taking leverage the same. As we know Back-office accounting outsourcing can deal payroll to accounts payable and manage service accounts for the preparation of financial statements and reporting. The core advantage of BackOffice service is that it can potentially save time, maintain accuracy and reduce operating costs of the business with streamlined overall finance management.

The main concern of today’s entrepreneur is the visibility of documentation, fear of security and the efficiency of the outsourced agency. These are something that cannot be compromised for survival in the global marketplace. This hottest trend can help small businesses in getting success in a quick span of time.

Both large and small business gets benefitted from outsourcing back-office accounting services

These BackOffice service providers have software to manage your bills, work with invoices and cash applications for accounts receivable. This also takes care of your procurement services right from starting. You can get complete full-service accounting services including bank reconciliation, cash flow, and working capital management.

The management now can get better control over the business by getting involved in the working of the organization. Backoffice produces monthly financial statements and periodic reports to make you understand the trend and development of the business.

How Back-office Accounting Works:

We work on the accounting platform using a few dedicated software. Our process begins when an invoice gets approved. It immediately goes to the concerned accounting platform for payment and disbursement. Both the software and accounts payable processing specialists are involved in the process.

The best thing for all the organizations is that the charges of these outsourcing accounting services are fully based on your needs.

You can choose a paying method suits your requirement. For account payable services we charge a fee-for-invoice, where for other services you can get a monthly package or pay on a transactional basis.

Our all-inclusive for every employee plan is specially designed for regular and small scale businesses. These are the plans where you get maximum services at a minimum cost.

You can see your business cost “Reducing” 

Through implementing Outsourcing Accounting you can minimize your business cost. Many unnecessary expenses can be eliminated if you remove your internal accounting team from your organization. Keeping an in-house accounting team requires far more expenses than just giving a salary to the employees. You need to search for the accounting professionals, train them and retain them in your organization. It needs lots of money that a business organization has to go through. Apart from that, you need to follow some employee benefit plans, like employee health plans, insurance plan or employee medical reimbursement. All these perks and inducements are to retain the talent in your organization and to reduce your employee turnover rate. Hence, still, you will be fear of your account person leaving the job.

Outsourcing Back-office accounting is the right mix of Team and Technology.

The outsourced services have their team of Back Office Accountants and many other specialized expert professionals in different accounting fields. They can Forster your varied business need with expert suggestion and work. Those BackOffice are not located at your business sight. They are independent and autonomous. They have their infrastructure and resources. You don’t need to invest specifically in infrastructure but you can get hands-on all the advanced technology and equipment. Is not it great? That is the reason the small-sized business and startups get most of the Outsourcing back-office accounting by getting the right mix of team and technology with no extra investment. Organizations can save on

  • Searching the right talent
  • Recruitment and selection cost
  • Training cost of the newly recruited staffs
  • Spending for employee benefit plans
  • Investing in technology and infrastructure
  • Office and administration expenses.

Back-office accounting provides better visibility of the company’s financial operations

Unlike in the internal accounting system, Back-office accounting gives better control over the visibility of accounting. They scan the documents and make them accessible online. The business owner can get it from anywhere, anytime with the help of a computer and internet connection. Thus by implementing outsourced Back-office accounting, you can create a better work environment automating the entire process.

Backoffice accounting services give you reports on the financial statements. We can also help you by providing customized reports to enable you to make an informed financial decision for expansion and downsizing the business. Getting all this information and stats from internal staff is very difficult. Sometimes the in-house staffs are not capable of furnishing all those information and often their analysis is a biased one. Play a fair gave. Hire us today.