The unprecedented scale of the COVID-19 crisis has impacted every industry on the globe but some industries had to cop far more severe blows than others. Tourism – hospitality and restaurant industries are among the most impacted in not just the US but across all countries.

In this blog today, we are going to delve deep into the impact of COVID-19 on the restaurant industry. And then help you understand how remote accounting services can help restaurants recover and grow in this post-pandemic period. Read on:

Covid-19 & Its Impact on Restaurant Industry:

The customer base of the Restaurant industry at large can be divided into two sections – local eat-outs and tourism sectors.  The tourism industry where the food and restaurant industry plays a distinct role had been completely shut. The lockdown imposed steered away eateries and restaurants – the conventional food & restaurant industry was left shattered.

The rapid adoption of online food delivery led to change in business models, KPIs, costs associated with payroll and accounting overnight. Amendments w.r.t occupancy/leases, other economic provisions of CARES Act like PPP and SBA loans did their part in helping business keep afloat.

Resurgence in vaccination rates and lowered cases meant restaurant businesses had to make tough choices to make a quick adjustment for quick business recovery in the post-pandemic period. Reducing the overhead and furloughing the employees are common practices that restaurants have adopted and they do work, but only in the short term.

Effective Accounting – A Long Term Strategy for Restaurant Recovery Post –Pandemic:

While making quick cost-reduction adjustments are necessary they are only for the short term. Restaurants must have a long term strategy in place to help them recover and grow.

Assessing their cash footprint, scheduling the payment timings, negotiating with the vendors and strategizing the Accounts Payable, getting insights into working capital and making adjustments on the fly – efficient and accurate accounting services play a foundational role in helping restaurants recover during this post-pandemic period.

Though bookkeeping and accounting are crucial for business resurgence they need not be always expensive. Given restaurants are avoiding overheads and are looking to accomplish more with fewer resources, a restaurant business can hire remote accounting services from Back Office Accountants to access the best accounting expertise possible at a cost-effective price point.

How remote accounting services from Back Office Accountants can help restaurants recover from COVID-19 impact?

Given their highly competitive environment, the restaurant businesses have to adapt and optimize their operations as quick as possible to stay afloat and recover post-pandemic. Gaining real-time visibility into financial operations and optimizing them for operational efficiency while keeping costs in check is key for a restaurant business to thrive today. And this can only happen with expert remote accounting services that can helpfully cater to the accounting and financial strategic requirements of a restaurant business.

An expert remote accounting firm with a track record in the restaurant industry, Back Office Accountants can help restaurants with the following:

1. Gain real-time visibility into financials with full-scale back-office accounting services.

2. Strategize and automate day-to-day manual processes like invoicing, payments, reconciliations, receivables and other financial transactions.

3. Leverage our restaurant accounting expertise to identify the pain point areas in order to cut the extra costs, provide opportunities to improve revenues and overall operational efficiency.

4. Leverage our cloud accounting tools to provide greater visibility into your finances and operations.

5. Provide robust financial reporting to enable transparency and drive insights that enable data-driven decision making.

Why choose Back Office Accountants for restaurant remote accounting services?

Equipped with a versatile team of senior accountants, accounts payable and accounts receivable experts, and accounting resources, Back Office Accountants has been providing remote accounting services for years now.

  • With our expert remote accounting services for restaurants, Back Office Accountants can help restaurant businesses strategize and optimize their financial operations with automated accounting technologies powered by our dedicated accounting experts.
  • Given how competitive the restaurant business can be and how uncertain the post-pandemic period is, restaurants can leverage our remote accounting services based on their current demand. Our scalable remote accounting services drive your costs down while offering the same level of efficiency and productivity.
  • With remote accounting services we not only cut the costs restaurants had to spend on dedicated accounting resources we also help them improve their revenue and drive operational efficiency by enabling smart data-driven decision making.

In addition to full-scale back-office accounting services, we also provide dedicated accounts payable services accounts receivable services, bank and credit card reconciliation services. And with dedicated accounting expertise in the restaurant industry, we can help the restaurant businesses respond better to this post-pandemic period and help them recover quicker. So if you are a restaurant business looking for remote accounting services for restaurants, you can contact us here: