The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the market into an uncertain social and economic situation. What started as a global health crisis quickly transformed into an economic and social crisis causing grave repercussions across all areas of human life. Decreased economic activity fuelled by complete lockdown shattered small and medium businesses which accounted for 48% of American jobs and 43.5% of the GDP.

Swift proactive measures taken by the federal government in the form of the CARES Act for both businesses and the workforce has helped reduce the impact of the fall. With the advent of vaccines, the situation has drastically improved but the onus is on small and medium businesses to make a way out of this rut and chart a path for growth.

If you are a small and medium business looking to improve your business performance and growth, post-pandemic, then Remote Accounting Services by Back Office Accountants can help you in this regard. Read on to know-how:

How remote accounting services can help small & medium businesses post-pandemic?

With recovering economy, contracted cash position and sales that are only gaining traction, businesses today must make more out of the resources while also laying a strong foundation for the business growth.

No matter the type of sector, bookkeeping and accounting play a fundamental role in the success of every business. An effective and accurate bookkeeping and accounting functions are essential for every business that aims to quickly recover and stay on a growth path. But setting up a dedicated bookkeeping and accounting department can be a huge burden and may not even be practical for small and medium businesses during these testing times.

For small and medium business entities who aims to stay lean, make the most out of resources, reduce spending and also want to accrue all the benefits of expert bookkeeping and accounting services, remote accounting is the best possible choice.

Remote Accounting Services by Back Office Accountants:

A go-to remote accounting firm for small and medium businesses, Back Office Accountants has been providing Accounting, Accounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable, Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Services for years now.

While we helped businesses make the most out of the federal provisions & tax benefits during a pandemic, we are also actively assisting businesses grow with our remote accounting services as the market and businesses are recovering gradually.

If you are a small and medium business looking for accounting help for business growth, here are 4 ways our remote accounting services can help:

Expert bookkeeping and accounting talent at fingertips: Not every small and medium business is equipped with expert bookkeeping and accounting departments to completely leverage their expertise. Lack of access to the right talent in the given budget is a common issue all small and medium businesses face which can be easily solved by remote bookkeeping and accounting services.

Our remote accounting services are powered by expert bookkeepers and accountants with years of experience in a variety of domains. Businesses can now get access to the best remote accounting services based on how well the expertise and experience of the resources fit with their requirements.

Access to advanced technology stack:  Lack of right accounting expertise and dearth of accounting technology stack goes hand-in-hand. For example, our track record of offering the best remote accounting services is the direct function of our expertise and our cutting-edge accounting technology stack. Naturally, not all businesses can afford the advanced accounting tools that can help them get more work done in less time, it is not practical either. By hiring our remote accounting services, businesses not only got access to the best accounting talent available but can also leverage our advanced accounting technology stack.

Customized accounting services that are scalable: While businesses can select the right accounting services based on the domain and specific accounting requirements, the real power of remote accounting is in the scalability it offers. By hiring remote accounting services, businesses can scale up or scale down based on the requirements that align with their current business, and this saves a lot of money since every dollar can be directed only towards the services they need.

Reduced cost and stupendous ROI: While a business benefits from the expert remote account services, the ability to scale up and scale down based on a business requirement reduces unwanted costs by a significant margin. A business investing in our remote accounting services can direct every dollar towards its business growth which usually is not the case with in-house services that have a tonne of overhead costs. Lower costs, higher output and reduced overhead result in stupendous ROI which is the goal of every small and medium business post-pandemic.

So if you are a small and medium business looking to revamp your business function for improved performance and sustainable business growth, adopting remote accounting services is the best decision you can take right now. As a remote account firm, Back Office Accountants has helped a variety of small and medium businesses with our Accounting, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation Services. If you are a business looking to outsource your accounting functions to a remote accounting firm, you can contact us here: