Food, sales and accounting are the triumvirates that are crucial for the smooth and successful running of a restaurant business. While most restaurant businesses are adept at the managing and acing food and sales, accounting is where the most majority of them can falter.

Bookkeeping, prime cash flow, budgets and forecasts, financial, taxes, audits, reconciliation and financial reporting & analysis; accounting for the restaurant business is a complex job which can be intimidating without professional help. Accounting for the restaurant business is a time-consuming job that is accuracy-dependent where every aspect has to be perfectly managed to avert the risk of financial mismanagement and eventual business failure.

In a highly competitive food and beverage industry which is volatile, it is not just enough to stick to regular accounting practices. For efficient financial management, restaurant business must adhere to standard accounting procedures while leveraging the best accounting technologies available. Automated Accounts Payable is one such technological evolution in the accounting industry that can help the restaurant business spruce-up their AP process, improve cash flow and optimize their financial management. Here are the benefits of automated Accounts Payable for restaurant businesses:

A massive reduction in processing time: Invoice processing can take days at a stretch in a manual AP process delaying payments and potentially straining the vendor relationships. This long arduous process can be fast-tracked using automated invoice process where the invoices can be readily uploaded into the cloud from multiple locations and payments are done in preferred methods. This automated process simplifies the entire invoice processing system, gives greater visibility and gets the work done efficiently.

Reduced errors and improved quality of services: Manual data entry is the most common problem in accounting and the probability of error amplifies in the restaurant business where the volume of transaction is high. While these errors can cost a lot for the company they are also notoriously difficult to track and resolve costing time and money. An automated Accounts Payable for restaurant business identifies, extracts and accurately fills the invoices automatically to avoid these errors saving your time and money.

Saves time, a lot:

While automated AP process saves both time and money by averting errors financial irregularities, it gets even better. By automating Accounts Payable for the restaurant business, you can get rid to the time-consuming process of data entry, coding, paper-pushing for the processing which easily saves a lot of hours for your accounting resources.

Improved visibility and insights into financial: With manual AP process the entire system can get complex with the increase in load and volume of transactions. Lack of visibility in the manual process can further result in accounting irregularities and inefficiency especially when it comes to Accounts Payables. Having an automated Accounts Payable for restaurant business gives you an ability to track and audit every step in the process for improves visibility and insights.

Enhanced productivity:  Time is a precious and limited resource in the restaurant business. Multi-tasking is common in the restaurant business and when the majority of the time is spent in the time-consuming process of data entry and invoice processing it can severely impact productivity. By automating AP process the work burden on your resources is greatly reduced giving them more time to focus on their core services which improve the overall productivity of your staff.

Accounts Payable is a critical wing of restaurant accounting that plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of a business. And having a professional accountant to manage your automated AP process will be a massive asset to achieve financial stability and set up your business for growth. However, finding the right booking accounting resources for restaurant business can be tough and that also works only when you have all the right technological resources and a perfect accounting system set in place. But don’t worry, you can easily leverage all the above benefits and more, by outsourcing your accounting requirement to back-office accountancy firms with expertise in restaurant accounting.

At Back Office Accountants, our team of accounting experts have closely worked with many successful restaurant businesses to help them leverage the power of accurate and efficient accounting system. At Back Office Accountants we offer dedicated Accounts Payable Services for restaurants to help them enhance cash flow, visibility, control, save time, money while improving their financials to set them up for business growth.

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