Is your business in its growth phase? Are you tired of doing your taxes? Are the daily transactions becoming too much to catch up with?

Then, the answer to all these questions lies in hiring your first accountant for taxes. Hiring a first employee for taxes is a significant step for many individuals and businesses. Not only do individuals and businesses have to trust that person giving them their financial records and statements, but they also make them understand your vision and what you wish your customers to have.

Hiring a tax employee helps you stay compliant with the tax regulations and frees up extra time that you can use on your core business activities. Here are 6 Signs that indicate it is time for you to hire your first employee for taxes:

1. Increasing Complexity of Finances:

With the evolving economy, government regulations keep on becoming more complex. As a result, this has a direct effect on your financial situation. Often, a business stream of income is unrestricted to the business and various other streams.

Managing so many income streams, invoice payments and business activities while managing your time and calculating your taxes becomes increasingly challenging for owners and managers.

This is where your new tax employee comes in. The tax accountant will help you navigate any complexities and ensure accurate reporting of your financial performance is done.

2. Starting or Expanding a Business:

If you are starting a new business or expanding your pre-existing one, you will face a lot of tax-related responsibilities and legal compliance considerations. An accountant for taxes will help guide you through all of this mess, help with tax planning and ensure that you meet all of your obligations as an owner.

3. Frequent Audits or Tax Issues:

Suppose you are somebody who has faced a lot of trouble filing taxes or had the unfortunate circumstance of having disputes with tax authorities or receiving any notices of defaulting on your taxes. In that case, it is clear that you need somebody to help manage your taxes.

A tax accountant will aid you in your accounts receivable services and address and solve any tax issues. He will also help ensure you stay compliant with the tax laws and regulations and prevent further trouble with the government or tax authorities.

4. Limited Time and Expertise:

As a business owner, you might need more time to do your taxes as you must manage many things simultaneously. By hiring back office accountants, it will be easy for you to delegate any tax-related tasks to this professional, who will efficiently handle all of them, freeing up your time for other core business activities.

5. Changing Tax Laws:

The country’s laws keep on changing as and when new developments occur. As soon as a non-finance background individual or an owner understands the pre-existing tax laws, the government changes them. This is where a tax accountant comes in. A tax accountant stays alert about tax law changes and exemptions that will benefit you or your business.

6. Desire for Tax Optimization:

Many times, businesses and individuals overlook the tax exemptions. Sometimes, it may be because they are too complex, or other times, it may be because they are unaware of it. By hiring a tax accountant, he can help you create tax savings strategies which align with your goals. This makes sure that you take optimum advantage of the tax-saving opportunities.

Some necessary considerations while choosing a tax accountant:

When choosing a tax accountant, make sure that you look for the following criteria:

  • Credentials– Credentials are extremely important if you are hiring a tax accountant. Ensure the accountant you hire has a degree and is qualified to handle tax matters.
  • Experience– If you are hiring a qualified and experienced accountant, make sure that you contact the previous references that they have stated. This will help ensure that the content you hire can be trusted with your finances.


In summary, choosing to hire an accountant to do your taxes will benefit you and your business. It will help free up time that you can use for strategizing and formulating plans for the future.

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