Accurate and efficient accounting is how businesses gain visibility, gauge financial health, draw up strategies for business growth and accurately pay up the taxes.

Accounting is the language of every business and efficient accounting is fundamental for running a healthy & profitable enterprise. However, for a growing business, it can be a multi-layered, complex and daunting nightmare without the right set of accounting expertise and experience available.

While start-ups and small businesses make do with a lean group of accounting resources, things can go awry when the volume of work increases. The complexity of the work shoots up and so does the need for better financial intelligence. This is the point where businesses can benefit from the assistance of accounting experts who can help them cater to their new work volume and leverage their expertise for business growth.

Find the right time to outsource accounting services:

Given every business is different, it can be difficult to identify the right time to seek help from accounting experts. As one of the leading remote accounting firms in the business, Back Office Accountants has been helped many small and medium businesses over the past decade, and this is what we have learnt – the majority of businesses do not get the timing right. That is, businesses ignore the signs and consult outsourced accounting services only when they had to bear the brunt of inaccurate accounting or bookkeeping.

If you are one such business that wondering if it’s the right time to hire an outsourced accounting partner then this blog is for you. To help you identify the right time to outsource your accounting functions without incurring losses, we list out key warning signs which indicate the need for outsourced accounting services in 2022:

Your accounting tasks rob a major share of your time: Though accounting is a crucial aspect of running a healthy business, it does demand a lot of time and effort. Whether you are a business owner who adopts a DIY approach or has a team in place who multi-task, your business needs to get the accounting done in minimum time so you can focus your time on more pertinent tasks.

You encounter delays in accounting: When the entire accounting work is dependent on a specific group of resources, then there is a high chance of encountering delays, especially during the pandemic. Are you receiving your final statements, news or reports on time? Are you lagging being your receivables or payables and or incurring fines? Is any aspect of your accounting work holding you back? Then these are ominous signs to seek to level up your accounting functions by joining forces with a remote accounting firm.

You face consistent accounting errors and mistakes: Overworked resources, multiple roles and responsibilities and lack of solid segregation of duties are common causes of consistent mistakes in accounting and bookkeeping. By outsourcing a specific branch of accounting function to an expert remote accounting firm, a business can not only free up the burden but also improve the productivity of the current in-house team.

You run into frequent audit problems: More often than not small and medium businesses do not completely leverage the available tax breaks and opportunities due to lack of time, expertise or both, which is understandable. However, if your business is facing problems with right tax documentation for an IRS audit, then it is a sign of problem and also an area of improvement.

When you outsource your accounting functions to remote accounting firms, all the data is securely and sequentially stored in a secure location with easy retrieval, making your audits a breeze. This simplified and efficient documentation not only saves you from potential fines but also help you unearth new tax opportunities.

You are scaling your business: Simplest sign of potential accounting errors or problems is a business that is on its ascent. Scaling the business is a relentless hassle that requires more focus and preparation for the volume of work it demands. Accounting tasks are sure going to pile up and without adequate resources, a business may not reach its full potential and worse, may screech to a halt.

Outsourcing accounting services as a whole or seeking assistance for specific accounting services surely free up time, resources and help the business focus more on growth. So if you are a business that is encountering any of the signs above then it is high time to hire an expert remote accounting firm like Back Office Accountants.

As one of the leading remote accounting firms in the business, Back Office Accountants has been helpline small and medium businesses with our Full-service Back Office Accounting Services in addition to Accounts Payable Services, Accounts Receivables Services, and Bank & Credit Card Reconciliation Services. So if you are looking for outsourced accounting services to optimize your financial health in 2022, then you can contact us here: