The cash flow process is the amount of profit you incur every month after getting your income and paying many expenses, operating capital or cash reserves for future requirements.

Why do we need good cash flow in the Real Estate Industry?

Cash flow enables more opportunities.

Provides safety, it is the extra cash you earn monthly, helping you save more and use it when in need.

5 cash flow killers

  • Vacancy:

When you have a real estate business or a property it is vacant, it can be one of the major cash flow killers. Not only will the vacancy decrease your cash flow because you aren’t getting monthly income through renting the property but, also because you’ll have to pay all the financial bills yourself.

  • Wrong Insurance:

Although you won’t be living on the property, you still should have insurance for the place. You should always search for different types of insurance depending on the location of your property.

  • Bad Tenants:

Although the occupancy of your property is important, one must inquire and probably hire a property manager to filter out those renters who have clear records such as their eviction history, and criminal background and will be able to pay the required payments monthly.

  • Poor management:

Hiring people to do specific tasks for you such as cash flow management, accounts payable services, and accounts receivable services are very important. Before hiring people to do such tasks, it is also very important to lay down your terms before hiring them.

If your cash flow wouldn’t be focused on and put on priority when considering business priorities, it might land your business and rental situation in much intense condition along with several damages to your finances or even your property.

  • Payment delays or issues:

Running the property, especially in the real estate sector, involves a lot of responsibilities to be taken care of, having tenants who fail to pay by the deadline time, would damage or hinder your process of running a property.

Ways to avoid cash flow killers.

Having so many factors which can hinder your real estate business, one must know how to tackle such situations like a pro.

However, if you’re new at it, here’s some information to help you steer through them.

  • Long-term tenants:

To avoid the problems of having tenants not paying on time and having vacancy problems, you can try and make efforts to have long-term tenants by making them happy by fulfilling their requests quickly such as maintenance, etc.

  • Property taxes:

You might have to raise the rent to match the property taxes which rise every year, otherwise, it might land you on a diminished cash flow.

  • Cost-Efficient or preventative Maintenance:

Repairs or maintenance when done together after a long period can result in the prices rising to a limit which can cause a setback in your cash flows. To prevent it, one should be proactive whilst taking care of the property along with finding cost-efficient and cost-effective maintenance facilities.

Final Overview

We mentioned cash flow management and accounts receivable services, along with why we require them. Back Office accountants provide all these necessary services that help you to overcome financial and bookkeeping issues. Be sure to collaborate with the experienced Back Office Accountants team to avail more information about this topic.